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Olivia Hetreed talks to screenwriter Jeremy Brock about his work

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Sue Teddern

From The Archers to Birds Of A Feather - scriptwriter Sue Teddern talks about her writing career.

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Brendan Foley - Off the Shelf at Black's

Novelist and screenwriter Brendan Foley reads from his work and discusses aspects of being a professional writer in different forms.

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Alan Brownjohn and Leo Aylen - Off the Shelf at Black's

Readings from poets Alan Brownjohn and Leo Aylen, and a discussion with the audience about aspects of poetry writing and performance. Recorded at the Guild's Off the Shelf at Black's Event, December 2012.

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Howard Read Interview

Darren Rapier talks to Howard Read about stand-up, the differences between writing comedy for adults and children, and creating an animated alter ego.

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Literary Managers' Forum 2012

A recording from the Writers' Guild's annual meeting of literary managers from theatres across the country.

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Stephen Wyatt

Darren Rapier speaks to two-time Tinniswood Award winner Stephen Wyatt about writing for stage and TV and radio.

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Lucinda Hawksley

Author, biographer and travel writer Lucinda Hawksley talks about her work, including Katey: The Life and Loves of Dickens’s Artist Daughter.

Recorded at the Guild's Off The Shelf At Black's Event, March 2012.

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An interview with film editor Jim Clark

Screenwriter Lindsay Shapero talks to Oscar-winning British editor Jim Clark about his work on films such as Marathon Man, The Killing Fields and Vera Drake, and his thoughts about writing and writers. Jim's memoir Dream Repairman: Adventures in Film Editing (with John H Myers) is published by LandMarc Press.

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Development: heaven or hell for playwrights?

Amanda Whittington (playwright and Chair of the Writers' Guild Theatre Committee introduces three speakers at the Guild's Literary Managers meeting 2011: Kate Chapman (Director, Theatre Writing Partnership), Caroline Jester (Dramaturg, Birmingham Repertory Theatre) David Edgar - pictured (playwright and President of the Writers' Guild).

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Carol Topolski - Off the Shelf at Black's

Carol Topolski, author of Monster Love and Do No Harm, offers an insight into her writing process.

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Richard Bradbury

Richard Bradbury talks about his work, including Riversmeet - a biography of Frederick Douglass, escaped slave and anti-slavery campaigner.

Photo (right to left): Jan Woolf (WGGB Books Committee) and Richard Bradbury with the actors who read some of Richard's work ( Nicholas Bailey, Maureen Casey, Aidan Casey)

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Jake Wallis Simons

In the third of the Writers' Guild's Off the Shelf at Black's events, Jake Wallis Simons (pictured with Jan Woolf from the Guild's Books Committee) talks about his latest novel The English German Girl.

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Women writing comedy
Susan Calman (stand-up comic and star of Radio 4’s News Quiz) chairs a panel discussing whether it has become easier for women writers to break into comedy.
She is joined by Jo Bunting (producer of Have I Got News For You and That Sunday Show), Claire Zolkwer (head of comedy at ITV), Tamzin Cary executive producer of Paul and writer of new movie Albatross, and Andrea Mann (comedy writer).
Recorded at the Free Word Centre in London, 23 November 2011
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Novelist Jemima Hunt

Jemima Hunt talks about her career as a novelist and her current work-in-progress - recorded at the second Writers' Guild Off The Shelf At Black's event.

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Writing for TV soaps

Experienced scriptwriters Chris Thompson and Dawn Harrison discuss their approach to writing for long-running TV series.

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Off The Shelf at Black's - Lindsay Clarke

Jan Woolf introduces novelist Lindsay Clarke (The Water Theatre and Whitbread winner for The Chymical Wedding) at the first of the Writers' Guild's Off The Shelf At Black's events.

Details of future events: http://www.writersguild.org.uk/news-a-features/books/194-off-the-shelf-at-blacks

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Writing Children's TV

Elly Brewer and Amanda Swift discuss their approaches to writing television for children and young people.

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Bill Armstrong Interview

Bill Armstrong talks about getting his first break on Doctors, writing the Indian Doctor for BBC TV and why he has learned to love script editors.

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New Agreements for Writers

Writers' Guild General Secretary Bernie Corbett outlines major new developments in TV and radio, and responds to the recent legal judgement on the Google Books Settlement.

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Writing Radio Comedy

Jane Berthoud (Head of BBC Radio Comedy) and writer Dave Cohen discuss the state of BBC radio comedy and the opportunities for writers

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Writing for Medical Drama Series

Rachel Flowerday and Dana Fainaru discuss writing for Doctors, Casualty and Holby City and explain what it's like to graduate from the BBC Writers' Academy.

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Writing comedy for TV

Comedy writers Jane Bussmann and Andrew Ellard discuss sitcom, gag writing and how to get your first break as a TV comedy writer.

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Roy Williams Interview

Writer and Guild member Darren Rapier interviews award winning playwright Roy Williams (No Boys Cricket Club, Sing yer heart out for the lads, Sucker Punch).

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All About e-Books

Author and Guild Member Helen Smith is joined by Linda Bennet and Graham Taylor of the Publishers Association to discuss e-Books with WGGB Editor Tom Green and Guild General Secretary Bernie Corbett.

What's the current state of the e-book market? Which devices and formats are likely to prevail? To what extent will e-books change the relationship between publishers and writers? How can writers publish e-books themselves?

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Jack Thorne Interview

WGGB Editor Tom Green interviews writer Jack Thorne (This Is England 86, Skins, Shameless, Cast Offs, Snogging In Public Places)

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Public Spending Cuts

WGGB Editor Tom Green is joined by Bernie Corbett (WGGB General Secretary), Anne Hogben (WGGB Deputy General Secretary) and writer Jack Thorne to discuss the implications for writers of public spending cuts and the new Writers' Guild / ITV drama agreement.

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Nick Yapp - Writing the history of the Writers' Guild Author and Guild member Nick Yapp talks about writing the history of the Writers' Guild of Great Britain​ (recorded at the 2010 AGM).
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WGGB Chair Robert Taylor - 2010 AGM Recorded at the Annual General Meeting on June 4th 2010, ​Writers' Guild of GB Chair Robert Taylor proposes the new Foundation and Digital Rights payment system.
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BBC Drama Event Pt.1 - Ben Stephenson Presentation by BBC Controller of Drama Commissioning, Ben Stephenson with introduction by Writers' Guild Chair, Robert Taylor.
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BBC Drama Event Pt.2 - John Yorke Presentation by John Yorke, BBC Controller of Drama Production and New Talent, at the Writers' Guild/BBC Drama event.
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BBC Drama Event Pt.3 - Kate Harwood Presentation by Kate Harwood, ​BBC Controller of Series and Serials, at the Writers' Guild/BBC Drama event
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BBC Drama Event Pt.4 - Q&A Guest speakers Ben Stephenson, John Yorke and Kate Harwood answer questions from the audience at the Writers' Guild/BBC Drama event. Facilitated by TV Committee Chair Gail Renard.
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The complete WGGB in-house BBC drama production event with special guests BBC Controllers Ben Stephenson, John Yorke and Kate Harwood.
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